Policy Initiatives

Canada Grain Commission and Modernization of the Canada Grain Act

The Canadian grain export market continues to see growth and demand for services beyond the capacity of the commission to provide. This increased demand has resulted in the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) being unable to act as an effective and efficient service provider. Fees charged for the CGC’s services have resulted in a growing surplus that farmers have demanded be returned through a reduction in fees. Further,  an inability to provide the sufficient services demanded by exporters has resulted in the duplication of outward inspection private industry.

Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, in support of our farmer members, believe it is time for the CGC to withdraw from the provision of outward inspection services and to refocus efforts on improving transparency on the grading, pricing, sales, testing, quality and safety of Canada’s grains.

Alberta wheat and barley farmers want to see the CGC modernize its operational focus on ensuring an efficient and transparent domestic grain market for middle-class farmers. This will involve a focused attention on the research and monitoring required to ensure export markets can trust that Canadian grains are safe, provide payment protection to mitigate counterparty risk and ensure standards in grain sales are transparent to farmers.