Policy Initiatives

Getting involved with policy both provincially and nationally

As agriculture policy issues surface, Alberta Barley is poised to join the discussion with our federal and provincial governments as well as develop advocacy initiatives that have farmers’ best interests in mind. Collaboration has been key in building our momentum. We often work closely with other provincial farm organizations as well as our national organizations; Cereals Canada and Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) to strengthen agriculture’s voice when it comes to addressing challenges faced by farmers.

Through regular meetings and consultations with government representatives at both the provincial and national level on agriculture policy issues, Alberta Barley has developed strong working relationships with all major political parties. We continue to leverage our government relations efforts to support Alberta’s barley farmers on current and new policy issues.

Current Key Issues

Serving as the farmer voice on key provincial and national policy issues, Alberta Barley is frequently balancing multiple key issues. Each of the tiles below are the most timely and relevant issues our policy and government relations team is working on. Within each tile a summary of the issue is provided paired with Alberta Barley's is involved as the farmer voice and links to supportive documents. 

Below is our full list of policy issues and efforts the commissions' advocate for on behalf of farmers. To learn more about issues at a provincial and national level, please use the "provincial" and "national" filters and through our historical archive.



Team Alberta is a collaboration between the four major crop commissions in Alberta: Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission. Team Alberta works to advance policy issues that impact Alberta's crop sector both provincially and nationally. Together, Team Alberta combines resources to strengthen the voice of Alberta's crop sector through advocacy, promotion of sustainability, ensuing long-term market access and providing policy input to government.