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Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions launch shared website showcasing ‘Better Together’

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are pleased to announce the launch of– a new joint website for Alberta farmers to access timely information about the commissions and their programs. The new website delivers an intuitive and user-friendly experience with seamless navigation.

After months of consultation and work within the commissions’ management team, the website contains numerous new features to help connect farmers to the commissions’ core programs and priorities. Although the commissions have many synergies, maintaining the integrity of both brands remains to be of utmost importance. The new website is designed to integrate both brands, while simultaneously providing the option to choose ‘Barley’ or ‘Wheat’ to view the differences in areas such as research, markets and agronomy. Users can toggle between the two using the tab function in the top left navigation.  

“This new combined website is another way our leadership is showcasing the ‘Better Together’ mantra that the commissions continually embrace,” says Todd Hames, Alberta Wheat Commission chair. “We are excited to launch albertawheatbarley.comand highlight our organizational efficiencies with this collective information hub.”

A new fundamental feature of the website is What Farmers Need to Know Now – atimely news feed highlighting essential updates on agriculture policy, research investments, market access initiatives and other commission related updates.

“One of the best qualities about this new website is its ability to relate the commissions’ initiatives to on-farm decisions and issues,” says Tara Sawyer, Alberta Barley chair. “It also prioritizes important news and initiatives for farmers so we have access to timely and concise updates from the commissions, across all program areas.”

Over the coming months, stay tuned for further updates and the addition of the new agronomy section for both crops. To view the new website, visit If you have any feedback or comments, please connect with Megan Evans at

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