Regional Governance

Alberta Barley directors govern, make decisions on behalf of, and implement Alberta Barley’s strategic direction. Each region may elect one (1) eligible producer to act as their director and there are three (3) director-at-large for all six (6) regions. Directors remain in office for three (3) years following the annual region meeting at which they were elected.

Each region has its own number of eligible producers to serve as their delegates depending on seeded barley acres in the region. Delegates remain in office for three years following the regional meeting at which they were elected. In their role as a delegate, these individuals:

  • Act as the representative for barley producers in their respective regions
  • Assist with the organization of their regional meeting
  • Provide input to their regional directors and the board
  • Are appointed by the board to serve as members of board-established committees
  • May be appointed by the board to represent the Alberta Barley on any external committee, group or organization of which Alberta Barley is a member

Terms of Office

The standard terms of office for directors and delegates is three (3) years. Directors may serve a maximum of two, three-year terms. Elections for directors and delegates vary from region to region. Visit our Elections page to learn more about electing directors and delegates.

Tara Sawyer

Chair | Acme

Wade McAllister

Vice-chair | Red Deer County

County Search

Type in the name of your county to find out which region you belong to and who your region’s Directors and Delegates are. You can also click on one of the regions on the map below to find out more about the Director and Delegates.

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Region 1

Board of Directors

Sean Stanford



    • David Bishop, Barons
    • Brad Berger, Nanton
    • Ryan Flitton, Stavely
    • Jason Love, Milk River
    • Kolton Brown, High River

Region 2

Board of Directors

Tara Sawyer


Roy Newman



    • Jeff Niesen, Olds
    • Doug Robertson, Carstairs
    • Doug Miller, Acme
    • Doug McBain, Cremona
    • Gordon Ellis, Olds
    • Jessica Dugdale, Rockyview
    • Glen Gateman, Mossleigh
    • Shawn Gorr, Linden

Region 3

Board of Directors

Dick Wymenga

Wade McAllister

Red Deer County


    • Connie Matson, Wetaskiwin
    • Harold Haughen, Lougheed
    • Mike Sulzle, Lacombe
    • Melissa Damiani, Rimbey
    • Trevor Petersen, Penhold

Region 4

Board of Directors

Bernie Klammer


Neil Gorda



    • Gordon Tuck, Vegreville
    • John Mayko, Mundare
    • Clint Jacula, Derwent

Region 5

Board of Directors

Shane DeBock



    • Peter Smerychynski, Westlock
    • Dean Wiegard, Westlock

Region 6

Board of Directors

Brent Konstapel

Spirit River


    • Aaron Young, Spirit River