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Research Project

Development of a multiplex RT-immuno PCR assay and biosensor for the early detection of airborne fungal spores in cereal crops

Dr. Claudia Sheedy, AAFC Lethbridge

Start Date: March 1, 2019 
End Date: March 31, 2022

Alberta Barley’s contribution: $ 5,000

A biosensor to detect Fusarium. tan spot and stripe rust spores will be developed. The biosensor will us antibody microspheres and PCR amplification. This technology can detect as low as 2-20 spores. This project is unique from the other biosensor projects in that it targets multiple spore types. 

Objective 1: to produce antibodies to 3 fungal pathogens and develop a multiplex immunoassay

Objective 2: to investigate the potential of antibody reagents, microsphere and PCR for field biosensor development

Objective 3: to confocal microscopy with spore sand plant tissue to better understand the disease

This project also proposes confocal microscopy work which does not directly contribute to the biosensor work but claims it will assist in learning how spores penetrate tissue and disseminate.