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Research Project

Evaluation and adaptation of controlled traffic farming in Alberta

Project lead:
Peter Gamache, Controlled Traffic Farming Alberta

Start Date: April 2011

End Date: December 2013

Alberta Barley’s contribution: $40,000

Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is a system that separates the area that machinery travels on from the area where the crop grows, establishing permanent traffic lanes. In this farmer-led initiative, farmers are evaluating the agronomic and economic viability of CTF under a variety of climatic and soil conditions in Alberta. The project looks at the potential benefits of CTF and addresses the detrimental effects of soil compaction by farm machinery.

Benefits for farmers:
CTF has the potential to help farmers manage risk and improve crop production. Increased water infiltration and water storage, increased moisture-use efficiencies, more even plant maturity, reduced fuel use, more timely field operations, better on-farm research and increased yields are some of the potential benefits.


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