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Research Project

Identification of superior crop rotations to minimize inputs, optimize crop production and maximize contribution margin

Project lead:
Dr. Kabal S. Gill, Research Coordinator, SARDA

Start Date: April 2013

End Date: March 2016

Alberta Barley’s contribution: $3,000


  • Alberta Barley
  • Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association
  • Alberta Canola Producers Commission

Total funding from other partners: $21,000

The project aims to identify superior crop rotations that minimize input costs, environmental impacts and pest problems, optimize crop production, increase profit and improve soil quality. Canola, wheat, peas, barley and flax crops are used to form 12 crop rotations. The recommendations from the project will be used to promote superior crop rotations for sustainable cropping systems in the area.

Benefits for farmers:
Up-to-date results show barley is a good crop to include in crop rotations in order to optimize seed yield of canola and wheat. Promoting barley as a rotational crop will increase barley production and benefit barley farmers.