Research Priorities

Alberta Barley's research investments are farmer-focused with the goal of increasing barley farmers’ profitability. Alberta Barley is focused on supporting research that will improve crop management, reduce input costs and environmental impact, and increase yield and grain quality. 

To help direct specific research projects, Alberta Barley frequently undertakes priority setting exercises. These exercises allow us to hear directly from farmers and the research community what issues they are facing on-farm and barley emerging issues they expect to face. 

Alberta Barley's current research priorities are:

1.     Expansion and extension of genetic resistance to net blotch, scald and other diseases in new barley varieties

2.     New IPM approaches for wild oats in barley

a.     How to manage wild oat resistance to groups 1 and 2 herbicides?

b.     How does including barley in rotation impact wild oat pressure? 

3.     “IMM” (Integrated Maturity Management) for barley

a.     Breeding for shorter season, early maturing barley varieties 

b.     Seeding barley into cold soil

c.     Other management practices to encourage early maturity and larger harvest window

4.     Further investigation on the use of PGRs to mitigate lodging in barley

a.      How do PGRs work in an intensive management plan, including tank mixes in western Canadian conditions?

b.     How do PGRs affect malt quality, how to get end user acceptance?

c.     More GxE understanding 

5.     Extending information on seeding rates and plant count for optimum yield in feed and malt barley 

6.     Extension information on the benefits of including barley in crop rotation

7.     Extending information on grain drying

a.     Risk management tools 

b.     Impact on quality

c.     Optimizing the harvest x storage x quality equation

8.     Exploring new genetic technologies in breeding

a.     Is there a new path to barley that fixes its own N?


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Funding Process

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