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Check-Off & Regulations Information

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is a farmer-funded organization with its fiscal model based on a mandatory refundable check-off from producers when they sell their wheat including durum, spring and winter wheat. Check-off dollars for wheat are collected and remitted at the rate of $1.09 per metric tonne for any wheat grown and sold in the province of Alberta.

All wheat check-offs are deducted from payment to the farmer and remitted to the AWC to invest in its program areas including research, market development, policy and government relations, extension and communications.

Effective August 1 2017, the AWC moved to a single wheat check-off of $1.09 per metric tonne, consolidating all current AWC programs with Western Canadian Deduction (WCD) obligations in a model directly accountable to Alberta farmers. It was a nine-cent reduction from the $1.18 per metric tonne farmers paid through the combined AWC and WCD check-offs.

Check-off Management

The AWC's financial department’s core function is to ensure sound financial planning, developing and executing processes in place for our fiscal success. The AWC excels in check-off due diligence, transparency, meeting accounting and compliance standards, and adhering to risk management protocols.

Governance and Finance Committee

Our governance and finance committee – comprised of management staff, AWC directors and regional representatives – develop financial goals to ensure success through measurable strategies and objectives. The top priority of the governance and finance committee is financial planning, budgeting, governance planning, advocacy, and risk management to ensure check-off funds are spent responsibly on behalf of Alberta wheat farmers.

The committee holds numerous meetings during the year to discuss future investments and help steer the AWC’s five-year business plan. The five-year business plan is a strategic road map for maintaining and sustaining the AWC’s long-term financial health.

Regulations under Marketing Council

Agriculture commissions operating in Alberta are governed by the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and Regulations. These regulations define the governance model specific to each commission and include items such as membership, regional representation, the board of directors, nomination and election processes, meetings, mandate, check-offs, etc.

Click on the links below to review the AWC’s regulations:

Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and Regulations

AWC Regulation

AWC Plan Regulation

AWC Authorization Regulation

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