Directors and regional representatives (reps) represent growers in their respective regions. As such, to be eligible to become a director or regional rep, individuals must be an AWC member, meaning that they have remitted payment to the AWC on commercial wheat sales in either the current or previous two fiscal years, and they must grow wheat in the region in which they wish to be nominated.

The director-at-large position represents the interests and perspectives of wheat growers across the province. To be eligible to be nominated as director-at-large, producers must be an AWC member and they must grow wheat in one of the five AWC regions.

Nomination forms for all positions must be signed by at least three eligible producers from within the nominee’s region, and be accompanied by the written consent of the eligible producer who is being nominated as a director or regional rep in that region.

For questions about our elections process, please contact Megan Evans, Marketing and Events Manager.

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Fall 2021 Elections

This fall, AWC will be accepting nominations for farm leaders. Positions open for nominations include, two directors and three regional representatives in Region 3, one director in Region 2 and one director-at-large from any region.

Nomination forms will be available and must be returned in writing to the AWC office by 4:30pm MST on Friday, October 29, 2021 by fax (403-717-1966), email at mevans@albertawheatbarley.com or mail (200-6815, 8 St NE, Calgary, AB, T2E7H7).

Wheat farmers in all 5 regions will receive a package in the mail with more information and a nomination form.

For questions about our election process, please contact Megan Evans, Marketing and Events Manager by phone at 403-717-3711 or via email. 

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To find out which AWC region you farm in, or to find out who your regional directors and reps are, visit the Regional Governance page and use the AWC's interactive regional map. 

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Regional Meetings

The Alberta Wheat Commission’s (AWC) regional meetings are held in regional locations across the province each November. Regional meetings are organized by each region's Directors and Regional Representatives to provide producers with information about the AWC’s activities for the past year, rev…

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Press Releases

Alberta Wheat Commission is committed to providing the farmer perspective on industry news and current events. Please read our current press releases to learn more about our programs and how we are the farmer voice.

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