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Brennan Turner previously founded Combyne Ag, a grain accounting and crop marketing hub built to help producers make more informed decisions while on the go, via digitizing and unifying inventory, contracts, load tickets and settlements into a single app. He holds a degree in economics from Yale University and spent time on Wall Street in commodity trade and analysis before starting Combyne. In 2017, Brennan was named to Fast Company’s List of Most Creative People in Business and, in 2018, a Henry Crown Fellow as part of the Aspen Institute. He is originally from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan where his family started farming the land nearly 100 years ago (and still does to this day on more than 80,000 acres!). Brennan’s comments on grain markets are regularly featured in everything from small-town newspapers to large media outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg.

Brennan Turner previously founded Combyne Ag
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Is the Summer sell-off of Grain Markets Nearing an end?

Grain markets continued their summer sell-off with wheat futures closing off the week significantly lower in response to news that Russia has agreed to let idled Ukrainian grain start shipping, six months after the war b…

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July 2022 WASDE: Safety on the Sidelines?

Grain markets pulled back again to move into the second half of July in a downtrend with more fund selling happening after this past week’s relatively neutral WASDE report from the USDA. Rain in major North American gr…

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Most Canadian Wheat Acres Since 2013

Grain markets rebounded in the first week of trading of July as all the selling over the last few weeks of June came to a halt on Wednesday. Wheat futures hit a four-month low that day, while corn and soybeans hit seven-…

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Wheat Now Deeply Oversold (Or Is It?)

Grain markets experienced another hard and fast week of selling, with the wheat complex and corn seeing the largest losses. Despite neutral-to-bullish acreage and stock reports released by the USDA on Thursday, June 30th…

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Grain Sell-Off Sets up Volatile Report Week

Grain markets saw another week of heavy selling, the second straight week of such activity for the complex, with new crop wheat futures down between $1.35 USD/bushel for Minneapolis HRS and $1.70 for Kansas City HRW whea…

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Are the Highs in for Wheat?

Grain markets moved through the middle of June a little mixed as profit-taking at the end of the week pushed things lower. Traders put a lot of focus on the weather this week, with rains starting to fall in some drier ar…

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