Regional Governance

The AWC directors govern, make decisions on behalf of, and implement the AWC’s strategic direction. Each region may elect up to two eligible producers to act as their directors. Directors remain in office for three years following the annual region meeting at which they were elected.

Each region may elect up to three eligible producers to act as their regional representatives (reps). Regional reps remain in office for three years following the regional meeting at which they were elected. In their role as regional reps, these individuals:

  • Act as the representative for wheat producers in their respective regions
  • Assist with the organization of their regional meeting hosted in November
  • Provide input to their regional directors and the board
  • Are appointed by the board to serve as members of board-established committees
  • May be appointed by the board to represent the AWC on any external task force, committee, group or organization of which the AWC is a member

Terms of Office

The standard terms of office for directors and regional reps is three years. Directors and regional reps may serve a maximum of two, three-year terms. Elections for directors and reps rotate each year with Regions 1 and 5, Regions 2 and 4, and Region 3. The director-at-large is elected every three years. Visit our Elections page to learn more about electing directors and regional reps.

Todd Hames

Chair | Marwayne

Jason Saunders

Vice-chair | Taber

Janine Paly

Director-at-Large | Thorhild

Greg Sears

Second Vice-chair | Sexsmith

County Search

Type in the name of your county to find out which region you belong to and who your region’s Directors and Regional Reps are. You can also click on one of the regions on the map below to find out more about the Director and Regional Reps.

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Region 1

Board of Directors

Jason Saunders


Dean Hubbard


    Regional Representatives

    • David Bishop, Barons
    • Gary Stanford, Magrath
    • Joseph Ripley, Spring Coulee

Region 2

Board of Directors

Justin Bell


Hannah Konschuh


    Regional Representatives

    • Devin Hartzler, Didsbury, AB
    • Kenton Ziegler, Beiseker
    • Matt Ferguson, Three Hills

Region 3

Board of Directors

Jason Lenz


Trevor Petersen


    Regional Representatives

    • Kent Erickson, Irma
    • Terry Young, Lacombe
    • Kevin Bender, Sylvan Lake

Region 4

Board of Directors

Todd Hames


Shawn Jacula


    Regional Representatives

    • Jeff Porozni, Willingdon
    • Rudy Warawa, Mundare
    • Greg Lumley, Vermilion

Region 5

Board of Directors

David Bartlett


Greg Sears


Directors at large

Janine Paly


    Regional Representatives

    • Magnus von Rennenkampff, Westlock
    • Christi Friesen, Brownvale
    • Tasha Alexander, Brownvale