Regional Meetings

The Alberta Wheat Commission’s (AWC) regional meetings are held in regional locations across the province each November. Regional meetings are organized by each region's Directors and Regional Representatives to provide producers with information about the AWC’s activities for the past year, review audited financials and help shape the commissions efforts.

Regional meetings are also held to conduct governance elections for Directors and Regional Representatives positions. Check our “Elections” page to see open positions in your region.

These local meetings are a great opportunity for eligible producers to put forward resolutions to provide input into AWC business.

Each regional meeting is free to attend and pre-registration is required to claim a free hot lunch. Guest speakers are also present to share farm management tips, market insights and new agronomy research.

Visit our events page for dates and locations of this year’s regional meetings.

Regional Governance

The AWC Directors govern, make decisions on behalf of, and implement the AWC’s strategic direction…


Directors and regional representatives (reps) represent growers in their respective regions. As such…