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University Chair Positions

University of Alberta 

Dr. Boyd Mori - Dr. Boyd Mori is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Science. Dr. Mori’s research is focused on the development of integrated pest management (IPM) for insect pests in field and horticultural agroecosystems. Specifically, his research strives to provide growers with sustainable pest control strategies that reduces the reliance on insecticides and conserves beneficial species (i.e. natural enemies and pollinators). To this end, Dr. Mori melds basic and applied research incorporating behavioural, chemical, and molecular ecology to understand and exploit the biology of insect pests, their host plants and natural enemies. Currently, he has three major focal areas: 1) chemical ecology – to develop insect monitoring and management tools; 2) population genetics – to track insect invasions and dispersal/migration of insect pests; 3) insect-plant interactions – to identify key interactions that may lead to the development of alternative management strategies. 


University of Saskatchewan  

Dr. Stuart Smyth is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, where he holds the Industry Research Chair in Agri-Food Innovation and Sustainability. His research focuses on sustainability, agriculture, innovation and food. Dr. Smyth publishes a weekly blog on these topics at: www.SAIFood.ca. Recent publications include authored books with William Kerr and Peter Phillips, GM Agriculture and Food Security: Fears and Facts, published by CABI (2019) and Biotechnology Regulation and Trade, published by Springer (2017). Dr. Smyth is involved in social science research with the Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre (https://p2irc.usask.ca/) at the U of S. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (https://icabr.net/).


AWC has established a number of scholarships aimed at developing future industry leaders. These scholarships are available to post-secondary students in agriculture-related studies, as well as students with a demonstrated interest in entering a career in the agriculture industry.

University of Alberta

Graduate Award 
Alberta Wheat Commission
Graduate Research Scholarship is Crop Science

Undergraduate Award
Alberta Wheat Commission Award in Sustainable Agriculture
Field of Study: Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Alberta WheatCommission Award in Crop Science
Field of Study: Crop Science

University of Lethbridge

Alberta Wheat Commission Agronomy Scholarship
Field of study: Any degree program

Olds College

Alberta Wheat Commission Agriculture Award
Field of study: Agriculture Management – Production Major

Lakeland College

Alberta Wheat Commission Scholarship in Crop Technology

Lethbridge College

Alberta Wheat Commission Scholarship in Agriculture Science (Plant and Soil Major)