Research Priorities

The Alberta Wheat Commission’s (AWC) research investments are farmer-focused with the goal of increasing wheat farmers’ profitability. The AWC is focused on supporting research that will improve crop management, reduce input costs and environmental impact, and increase yield and grain quality. 

To help direct specific research projects, the AWC frequently undertakes priority setting exercises. These exercises allow us to hear directly from farmers and the research community what issues they are facing on-farm and what emerging issues they expect to face. 

Our latest priority setting session was held in March 2020. Below are the AWC’s specific project interests:

  • Improving the functionality of Alberta’s Crop Protection Manual (The Blue Book)
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) strategy for wireworms
  • Alternatives to pre-harvest glyphosate use
  • Greater focus on genetic resistance of leaf disease to reduce the use of chemical fungicide
  • Increasing organic matter content of our soils
  • Genetic selection of varieties which encourage mycorrhiza associations
  • Increased study on plant growth regulator (PGR) use in wheat
  • Varietal mixing to discourage pests
  • Integrated maturity management
  • Effect of grain-drying on post-harvest grain quality
  • Improving falling number