Tom Steve

General Manager 403.219.7900

Syeda Khurram

Chief Operating Officer 403.219.6264

Shannon Sereda

Senior Manager, Government Relations and Policy 403.219.6263

Victoria Decker

Director, Marketing and Communications 403.219.7906

Dr. Lauren Comin

Director of Research 403.219.6252

Brian Kennedy

Grower Relations and Extension Manager 403.219.7904

Tommy Wilson

Content Manager, GrainsWest 403.219.6265

Ian Doig

Associate Editor, GrainsWest 403.219.7910

Irene Lano

Financial Controller 403.219.6267

Mariam Kamran

Program Accounting Manager, FarmCash 403.219.7912

Tania Galanis

Customer Relations Manager, FarmCash 403.219.7909

Megan Evans

Marketing and Events Manager 403.219.7911

Geoff Backman

Business Development and Markets Manager 403.219.7908

Erin Tateson

Marketing Communications Manager 403.219.7902

Jeremy Boychyn

Agronomy Research Extension Specialist 403.219.6261

Dr. David Simbo

Research Program Manager 403.219.6259

Sandra Fields

Receptionist 403.291.9111

Emily Johnson

Marketing Communications Coordinator 403.219.6253

Adaly Gordillo

Check-Off Administrator 403.219.6251

Dr. Sheri Strydhorst

Agronomy Research Specialist

Hasan Kazmi

FarmCash Program Manager 403.219.7909

Stacy Zimmer

Event Coordinator 5872160189