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Health Canada's Guidelines on Novel Foods Regulations, Research Mentorship, Alberta Barley Scholarship

Hello everyone,

There are three items in today's Shop Talk:

1. Health Canada published their long-awaited guidance on plant breeding innovation. This update sets out clear, science-based requirements for researchers developing grain and oilseed varieties with a wide range of enhancements that will benefit our sector. Health Canada’s approach aligns well with global regulatory trends and acknowledges that gene editing is no more risky than conventional plant breeding.

2. Research Mentorship Program – Supplemental Tours: The Research Mentorship program provides crop researchers with opportunities to develop their understanding of commercial barley, canola, pulse and wheat production systems to heighten the relevance of grower-funded research projects for on-farm adoption. To increase understanding of the industry, the following supplemental tours have been planned for the summer of 2022. 

They include tours of:

- Nutrien’s Retail Facility at Fort Saskatchewan on June 21st
- HyTech Hybird Canola seed production in Coaldale on the morning of July 12th
- Nutrien’s Retail facility at Coaldale on the afternoon of July 12th
- Galloway Seeds at Fort Saskatchewan on August 11th

You can register for the tours here.

*Please note: These tours are only for active researchers and capacity is limited due to safety reasons at the facilities.

3. Alberta Barley is excited to offer scholarships ($2,000 per student for up to three students) to students actively engaged in barley research. Awards are assessed based on student merit and alignment of their research to Alberta Barley Research priorities. Application deadline is May 31st, 2022. The application process is outlined in the attached PDF file, please note the updated contact information for submission of application packages.

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I am looking forward to connecting with you at one of our upcoming events.

Sheri Strydhorst