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Notice to Farmers: PGR Use in Stressful Environments

Moddus, Manipulator and Ethrel are plant growth regulators (PGRs) used to mitigate lodging. These PGRs should not be applied to crops that are under stress. Stress can include: low fertility, high temperatures, drought, frost, disease and insect damage. For example, PGRs should not be applied if the crop has experienced cold stress (<0oC) five days before the PGR application. Additionally, PGRs can take 14 to 28 days to fully metabolize; therefore, PGRs should be avoided if heat stress is expected 14 to 28 days after PGR application. As the 2022 growing season seems to be starting off dry, growers are cautioned to limit PGR applications to fields where there is significant lodging potential. For more information on PGRs visit