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Our goal with this newsletter is simple; to provide Alberta farmers and agronomists with timely, relevant and valuable agronomic knowledge sourced from science-based research and projects funded by the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions. You will also find a few opinion articles addressing management perspectives and other agronomic pointers to help you make informed agronomic decisions.
This monthly newsletter will include written articles, audio interviews and videos. Additionally, impromptu information may be released to address timely agronomic problems in Alberta. We hope the agronomic information from these newsletters brings value to your farm. Have agronomy questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing me at the address below.


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November 2021

Small plot research can provide farmers with an enhanced understanding of how certain management practices impact crop quality and yield on their farm. To deliver this valuable agronomic research to the farm-gate, the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions created Plot2Farm, an on-farm research program for Alberta farmers.

By implementing on-farm trials through Plot2Farm, farmers can test agronomic management topics that interest them. In the 2021 program year, Plot2Farm initiated eight trials throughout Alberta.The trials compared a wide variety of agronomic management practices on both wheat and barley including seeding rates, plant growth regulators, enhanced efficiency fertilizers, and row spacing. Although the significant lack of rainfall in Alberta made for an atypical growing season, the data collected offered participating growers interesting insights.

With two seasons of Plot2Farm under our belt, we are excited to open the Plot2Farm applications to Alberta farmers for the 2022 season! More information on how to apply can be found below. The commissions would like to thank everyone involved in Plot2Farm from the 2021 growing season. The desire to understand on-farm impacts of management practices is a fundamental factor to the success of the program.

Please enjoy this special edition of The Growing Point newsletter showcasing our Plot2Farm program!


2021 Plot2Farm trials and results

Upon successfully completing a Plot2Farm trial, participants receive their trial results at the end of the season, post-harvest. This allows farmers to use their trial results and data to make future …

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Available protocols for the 2022 season

Each Plot2Farm protocol is developed by the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions with on-farm research in mind. By collaborating with experienced researchers, we developed protocols intended for field…

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Hear about Plot2Farm from Alberta farmers

Through Plot2Farm, farmers can evaluate agronomic questions using genetics, management and environmental conditions for their farm. Learn more about this on-farm research program from Alberta farmers.…

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Plot2Farm applications are now open for the 2022 growing season

If you are looking to take your on-farm management to the next level, apply to the Plot2Farm program! Alberta farmers can complete an application form to indicate which Plot2Farm protocol they are int…

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