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The Growing Point

Our goal with this newsletter is simple; to provide Alberta farmers and agronomists with timely, relevant and valuable agronomic knowledge sourced from science-based research and projects funded by the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions. You will also find a few opinion articles addressing management perspectives and other agronomic pointers to help you make informed agronomic decisions.
This monthly newsletter will include written articles, audio interviews and videos. Additionally, impromptu information may be released to address timely agronomic problems in Alberta. We hope the agronomic information from these newsletters brings value to your farm. Have agronomy questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing me at the address below.


Jeremy Boychyn
Research Agronomy Extension Specialist

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January 2023

Happy New Year to all our readers. The first two months of the year typically hold numerous events with significant agronomic value. To name a couple, Agronomy Update (Occurred January 10 + 11 with 500+ attendees each day), the revitalized Irrigated Crop Production Update (January 26) and the Durum Summit (Feb 1). 

We have included registration links to all the relevant agronomic events below. Be sure to get yourself registered.

Plot2Farm results from the 2022 season are officially posted on the plot2farm.com website. Be sure to check them out. We have also opened registration for the 2023 season. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about registering or the results.


Plot2Farm on-farm research trial results

Plot2Farm, the Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley commission’s on-farm research program finished up its third season. 

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Pest risk and forecast maps available

After thousands of miles of sampling, the Alberta Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Economic Development team has released maps and information for the 2023 season.

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Wheat Stem Sawfly (WSS) is a growing concern

With environmental conditions ripe for WSS population growth and minimal solid stemmed Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS) varieties available to growers, it is important to be aware of management tact…

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Better Malt, Better Barley

Alberta Barley wanted to provide a resource to address the challenges farmers face when selecting a new malt barley variety for their operation that incorporate high yields, better disease and lodging…

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Updated variety information in the Alberta Seed Guide tables

Every year, newly registered and currently grown crop varieties are grown in the Regional Variety Trial program.

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Upcoming Events

The first two months of the year typically hold numerous events with significant agronomic value. 

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Organic matter, mineralization and nitrogen for your wheat 

As we work through planning season and review soil tests, understanding nitrogen availability from organic matter is important.

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Malt barley varietal purity

Varietal purity is important to producing high-quality malt. Each malting barley variety has different barley quality and malting performance characteristics e.g. different size kernels, varied rates …

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GxExM demonstration trials

Last season, the Alberta Wheat Commissions and Alberta Barley provided funding to multiple Applied Research Associations (ARAs) to implement demonstration trials investigating various agronomic manage…

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