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What is a safe rate for seed-placed fertilizer?

With 90 per cent of Alberta farmers applying fertilizer in the spring at seeding time, seed-safe fertilizer rates need to be considered. Read this article to find out which factors impact seed-safe fertilizer rates, and …

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New tool – Prairie Nutrient Removal Calculator

This nutrient removal calculator is the most updated tool adapted specifically to the Canadian Prairies.

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Nutrient management – Understanding the nitrogen (N) cycle and how to mitigate N loss

To maximize the value of nitrogen application, it is important to understand the ways in which nitrogen can be lost to the environment. 

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Early season scouting tips – Winter wheat survival assessment

For winter wheat growers in the province, winter survivability assessments in early spring can help identify any damage. 

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Pest management tips

Updates on wireworms, grasshoppers and wheat streak mosaic virus.

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Maintaining market access through smart crop protection decisions

Check out the 2023 Product Advisory by Keep it Clean. The document informs Canadian growers of potential market risks associated with certain crop protection products when used on some crops. 

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