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Intro to December 2021

In this edition of the newsletter, we discuss fertility management, seed quality, and how to utilize the Alberta Seed Guide to make the most of variety selection.

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Herbicide carryover

Although the regions listed within the document linked below are Saskatchewan specific, the general information regarding herbicide carryover is relevant to Alberta farmers as well. 

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Fertilizer planning considerations

In a season of fertilizer price extremes, it is natural for farmers to investigate opportunities to reduce fertilizer costs. A good way to approach fertilizer costs is to assess the likelihood of crop yield response to f…

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Good news for cereal seed quality

Western Canada experienced wide-spread heat and drought conditions during the 2021 growing season. Stressful growing conditions during heat and drought can cause physiological challenges during crop development and seed …

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Does wheat grown in Alberta need boron fertilizer?

We occasionally hear the need for boron in canola production in Alberta but not for wheat or other cereal crops. Canola and alfalfa are two crops grown in Alberta with higher sensitivity to boron deficiency. Wheat and ot…

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Variety selection using the Alberta Seed Guide

The greatly anticipated Alberta Seed Guide will hit producer mailboxes at the end of January, and growers will be scouring the tables to see the latest, greatest options for the next growing season.

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