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CWRS Yield Gap Survey

Calling all producers to participate in a survey to identify key factors that are limiting CWRS yield potential!

We are embarking on a prairie-wide project to generate baseline producer data on current CWRS wheat management practices in both irrigated and dryland production systems. The project goal is to identify the key factors that prevent CWRS wheat producers from obtaining yields that are potentially achievable on their individual farms.

We are asking producers to provide us with yield and other agronomic data specific to their CWRS wheat production fields. With that data, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of what on-farm factors might be causing a yield gap in prairie CWRS wheat production. Specifically, we are requesting your grain yield and agronomic data for at least two 2019, and two 2020 CWRS fields. Your dryland and irrigated fields are acceptable.

“Where do I sign up?” you ask? Simply contact Ken (; 403-317-0757) or Jamie (; 403-308-9344).  Keep in mind that all your data submissions will be kept strictly confidential. In this project, our objective is to WORK FOR YOU. Our goal is to use the data YOU supply to help YOU realize higher wheat yields on YOUR farm fields that, in the future, will be closer to your field’s yield potential, once you know what production factors are holding back YOUR current wheat yields.

This project is being conducted in collaboration with colleagues at the Global Yield Gap Atlas, Kansas State University, and provincial experts from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This project is funded by the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, Alberta Innovates BioSolutions, the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, and Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association.

Brian L. Beres, Ph.D., P.Ag.
Senior Research Scientist - Agronomy