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Be on the lookout for Fusarium head blight infection

The presence of Fusarium head blight (FHB) has been increasing in Alberta. Although the 2022 Alberta Seed Processors surveillance map indicated 2021 was a year with relatively low fusarium infection (likely due to below-average rainfall), the risk of infection in 2022 is still present. Seed and residue infected with Fusarium graminearum (Fg) spores can stay active in the soil for multiple years. Under the correct environmental conditions, these active spores can lead to FHB infection of wheat and barley.  

A FHB in wheat factsheet developed by the Prairie Crop Disease Monitoring Network can be found here.  

Producers are encouraged to utilize the Alberta Fusarium Risk Map to assess risk of infection based on environmental conditions. Although the risk map can indicate infection risk based on environmental conditions, the map does not consider field spore load, varietal resistance, and ground truthing conditions. Therefore, producers are encouraged to assess FHB fungicide application needs based on their specific field, farm conditions, and varietal risk. Below is a link to a webinar featuring Dr. Kelly Turkington discussing FHB management consideration.  

Important times to note: 

21:00 – Scouting and timing 

52:00 – Summary of management techniques 

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