Introduction to July 2021

With the heatwave now passed, we (and the crop) can breathe a sigh of relief. For some, rainfall over the weekend helped provide further reprieve. However, many areas in the southern parts of the province are still desperate for rain. With many comments regarding similarities to the early 2000s, we can only hope that mother nature provides much-needed precipitation for those crops that still need it.

2021 crops are advancing faster than usual. Both wheat and barley fields in many parts of the province are a week or more ahead of schedule due to earlier seeding, stressful crop conditions and other factors. As we enter or continue through the head emergence and flowering crop stages, both wheat midge and Fusarium head blight (FHB) are top of mind.

In this newsletter, we share resources on managing and mitigating damage from both wheat midge and FHB. The articles, podcasts, and videos within provide the tool to strengthen your agronomic toolbox and better manage these significant pests.