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Wheat Midge Scouting Needs to Happen Now!

The growth stage that wheat sees the greatest damage from wheat midge is at the beginning of head emergence until flowering. Although the 2022 forecast map for wheat midge has indicated populations are relatively low, spring rainfall and temperatures have created conditions for a high percentage of midge emergence. Essentially, midge larvae that are present, will be emerging as adults. Additionally, emergence is aligning very closely with the ideal timing for the greatest yield and quality impacts.  

The most recent wheat midge development information developed by the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network can by found here

Economic thresholds for midge: 

  • To maintain optimum No. 1 grade: 1 adult midge per 8-10 wheat heads during the susceptible stage 
  • To maintain yield only: 1 adult midge per 4-5 heads. At this level of infestation, wheat yields will be reduced by approximately 15% if midge are not controlled.

Producers and agronomists with non-midge tolerant wheat in midge risk areas should be scouting and taking control action when pest pressure meets the required threshold. Information on how to scout for midge can be found below. 

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