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Managing late tillers in wheat and barley

There are no straightforward answers when it comes to managing late tillers. Each farm has different needs, equipment, time, target markets, harvest window, and other factors that impact harvest management decisions. How…

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Nitrogen management strategies for winter wheat

As many producers across the Prairies seed their winter wheat crop, the question of nitrogen (N) management strategies arises. When can I apply N and what source will give me my best bang? The Canada Agronomist breaks do…

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How much nitrogen will carry over to next year?

Producers make fine-tuned nitrogen (N) decisions based on soil tests, expected yield, and environmental expectations. However, mother nature has a way of evading our plans. Over the 2021 season, rainfall in Alberta was s…

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Safe storage of wheat and barley grain

With a highly variable crop coming off in the central and northern parts of Alberta, storage considerations will need to be front of mind. After a dry early and mid-season, late tillers have emerged due to the later summ…

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CWRS Production Yield Gap Survey

Take part in an international, prairie-wide project to generate baseline producer data on current Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat management practices. Researchers need 2019/2020 data from irrigated and dryland pr…

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Pre-harvest glyphosate and peduncle colour

Recently, increased emphasis has been put on the peduncle colour as an indicator of ideal timing. Unfortunately, the peduncle colour is not a reliable indicator of grain moisture. There are a few reasons for this.

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